Environmental Commitment

Doing our Part to save the Bees and Butterflies


At E Tech Plastics, we understand the importance of bees and butterflies to our environment. Here at our facility in Port Huron Mi, we let our wildflowers grow and have many bee friendly plants growing onsite, including Common Hawthorn, White Clover, Small Hop Clover, Annual Fleabane, and of course, dandelions.  Dandelions and White Clover alone can support up to 37 different types of bees! We have also put out a few bee baths. 

We use absolutely no chemicals on our lawns. Our property also has wooded areas that provide additional shelter for the bees, butterflies and other wildlife. E-Tech Plastics is committed to doing our part to save these beautiful creatures. If you want to know more about how to help, here are a few helpful links :




Bee on Annual Fleabane
Bee on Annual Fleabane